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Vosne Chateau Ltd. has a wide variety of glass doors for wine & cigar room and cool room applications.

Selection of glass is an important element of passive design. Glass is a good conductor of heat and also allows radiant heat to pass through freely. When there is a temperature difference between inside and outside, heat is gained through the glazing. While this can be used to your advantage with careful passive design, it is a big liability if overlooked.

Heat gain through various glass treatments
Clear single glazed
Double glazing
Internal vertical blinds/open weave drapes
Internal Venetian blinds
Internal blinds
Tinted glass
*A 40-65%
Control film/reflective glass
*B 20-60%

*A Effectiveness is reduced as the temperature.
*B Control film, tinted glass and reflective glass of varying effectiveness is available.

They significantly reduce heat levels all year round

Vosne Chateau Ltd., is provide the most advanced range of glass door.

The glazed incorporate the latest low energy technologies for anti-condensation.

It is modern attractive design, and offer maximum “see through” to your wine cellar every area.

Our door is supply to building material, and are made to the highest standard of workmanship under our quality system procedures.

-Slim frame profile maximizes see-through

-Option to choice matt silver, matt black or silver ripple standard frame color

-Optional Stainless Steel color or powder coat solid panels.

-The custom made size is (W1500 x H 2300) mm.

The glass packs are designed as safety glazing materials in buildings, and are atmospherically sealed with polysulphide or

flexible butyl mastic compound to provide trouble free operation over a wide temperature range.

Optimum glass clarity is ensured by including a concealed desiccant inside each glass pack during manufacture.

This desiccant absorbs any atmospheric moisture that might cause internal fogging under extreme temperature conditions.

The frame and mullions have anti-condensation heater wiring located at the frame for high thermal efficiency with low energy consumption which is barriers the condensation.

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