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Our cigar & wine cellar designers, engineers and craftsmen as well as cooling system technicians were trained and developed respectively in the USA and Europe in the late 1980s.

Vosne Chateau Ltd. has been working to satisfy the requirements of its customers.

We have created aesthetic masterpieces worldwide by perfectly blending architectural elements and artistic creations in our wine cellars.

This winning combination has enabled us to advance from our origins as a Hong Kong Company into a major specialist company of constructing wine cellar spanning international borders today.

We take great pride in our technology, which assists our customers

from the initial idea (floor plan) to finished product – wine cellar.

We take your cigars, fur coats and wine seriously as we know they are investments that need proper storage.

We will act consistently with warranty.

Vosne Chateau Ltd. has an enthusiastic work team as well as sound 

and professional management that provide one-stop solutions for customers.

That is what made thousands of private customers, property developers, world-class hotels,

casinos, club houses, country clubs,and many more choose our company over the decades.

Should you have any enquiry or want to get further information,

please do not hesitate to contact us at

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