◆All series powered by the engine,excellent transient

    response characteristics, low fuel consumption, environmental,

    high reliability, long working life. Conform to the standard of IS03046.



  ◆All series adopt alternator of Stamford, Excellent excitation

    characteristics, Ensure that the genset can withstand high power

    load moment, small Voltage fluctuation,quickly recover. 

    Conform to the standard of GB755,BS5000,IEC34-1,CSA22.2,AS2359. 

Controller system

 ◆All series use controller. Integrating digital, intelligent, network  technology,

   use for a single diesel generator set automation and monitoring system,

   Implement a automatic starting/stopping, The data measured,

   Alarm protection function of the genset.


 ◆Standard ambient temperature online radiator. Closed water circulation cooling system,

   ensure the rated power output of under high temperature environment.

Steel welding base,inbuilt Shock absorber

◆Inbuilt shock absorber,perfect shock absorption performance, Easy installation and transport


Equipment Instruction

Engine Performance Parameters


◆Construction: Cylinder liner adopt platform honing design and

                      anti corrosion nicel cast iron plug, greatly reduced oil wastage,

                     enhance durability,longer service time.

◆Starting system: Starting motor

◆Integrated design: Reduced 40% parts than other same kind Engine, failure rate bring down a lot.

◆Fuel system: Bosch in-line fuel pump, fully burning under. High injection pressure. Less energy loss,

                    more Fuel efficient, high fuel adaptable.

◆Filter system: Dry core air filter with intake resistance indicator. Rotate Paper-based full flow and bypass oil filter.

                      Rotate anti-corrosion water filter.

◆Advanced design and superior manufacture, reliable and durable.

◆Supercharger: Integral waste gate, low speed respond and dynamic property.


Alternator Performance Parameters



◆ Brushless, rotating magnetic field, single bearing,with protective cover.

◆ H class insulation

◆ Standard IP23 grade

◆ Cooling system

◆ AC exciter, rotate rectifying unit

◆ Stator winding after dip treating, Surface override epoxy insulation varnish

◆ Rotor and exciter get treatment of high temperature insulating resin,

    will be more applicable for severe environment.

◆ Rotor dynamic balancing accord with standard BS5625,class 2.5.

◆ Advanced lubricating grease seal long time bearing.Intelligent Control System.

Intelligent Control System

Standard Detection Function

◆3 phases voltage Ua, Ub, Uc       ◆3 phases current La, Lb, Lc      

◆Frequency F1

◆Active power PA

◆Apparent power PR

◆Power factor PF

◆Coolant temperature WT

◆ºF/ ºC display

◆Oil pressure OP   

◆kPa/Psi/Bar display  

◆Speed RPM

◆Battery voltage   

Standard Protection Function

◆Programmable alarm and status input       

◆Emergency stop        

Engine Protection

◆Stop for over speed

◆Alarm for low/high battery voltage    

◆Alarm/Stop for low oil pressure

◆Alarm for shortage of battery

◆Alarm/Stop for high coolant temperature  

◆Stop for failure to start/jigger

◆Indication for sensor fault

Alternator Protection

◆Stop for over high/low voltage

◆Stop for over frequency                  

◆Alarm/stop for over current

◆Stop for low frequency

◆Stop for loss of voltage detection signal   

Control System Components

◆Control switch-manual/auto/stop/start       

◆Screen menu selection button         

◆Setting button

◆Emergency stop button

◆Fault status indicators

◆Digital display

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